It was all a dream…

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We recently were trying to head to Bears Ears National Monument. I was following my maps on my phone when it told me to turn down dirt road. Going down dirt roads isn’t uncommon so I went. The phone said I had about a 10 mile drive until I arrived. I started driving and the maps went away and I lost all cell phone service. The road was super narrow making it nearly impossible to turn around so I kept going, hoping I would hit the monument at the end and have reception. After about an hour of driving up this steep mountain I came to a straight away on top. I thought this was it! So I drove until out of no where I hit a very soft spot of mud, I backed the bus up once I realized how soft it was, but it was to late.The bus started sinking a ton! And when I tried backing up the bus slid into the embankment, leaving the bus at a very extreme angle. Norm couldn’t walk it was at such a bad angle and I could barely stand. I stayed the night in the bus that night while Missy went for help.

The next morning I woke up and there was snow everywhere! Making things worse. I had my old phone that is no longer active but lets me call 911 for emergencies. After several attempts I got a hold of them and they sent someone to rescue me. During this time Missy also got ahold of 911 for help. After waiting for another hour or so the sheriff and Missy finally arrived! But once I got in and we started driving away we quickly realized the roads were to slippery to go back down! The sheriff said he isn’t someone that normally gets nervous, but this was making him really nervous. The road to get down is on the edge of a cliff, and the dirt road up top is actually clay. The clay stays extremely slippery. The sheriff tried his best but it was to dangerous, so we waited to see if hopefully the sun would dry out the clay. After some time the deputy sent out for help and they were going to send another vehicle to rescue all of us! But luckily for us, after some time of waiting, the clay dried up and we tried again down the mountain. We slid a little, but it wasn’t nearly as slippery as it was. And after we made it past the scary cliff part the road wasn’t actually that bad. We made it to the bottom and got a hotel for the night to wash all the mud off and relax for a minute.

We woke up the next day thinking of different options to get the bus down. The weather stayed nice that night and morning so we were hoping where the bus was wasn’t so bad anymore. A tow truck was my only option that would work. The bus was so stuck I don’t think any 4wd vehicle could pull my bus out. We went to the only tow company around and told them about my situation, and apparently it happens quite often. They quoted me $390 for them to pull me out. That was more than I expected but it was what I had to do. We started driving with the tow truck guy and he said this was further than he thought and this would cost a little more. We got to the top where the bus was and got to work quickly trying to hook the bus up to pull it out. The bus was at such a bad angle and in so much mud that it took a few different pulls. After about an hour it finally came out!!

me trying to dig some mud out

me trying to dig some mud out

Going down the mountain again was the only way out. I also learned that the road I was on wasnt even the right road! Driving down the mountain was the scariest drive i’ve done in my life. After a long, slow drive down we finally made it back to the paved road. The bus needed diesel really bad so we didn’t look at any damages until I made it to the gas station. Ive never let the bus get as low as it did on fuel, but we finally made it to the gas station. We got out and looked around the bus. My door got tweaked a little so the bottom wasn’t shutting. I originally thought mud was stuck in it, but it was from being at that angle. There was also significant damage to the rear of the bus and the deck got pretty messed up. One of my new tires is now stripped down pretty far from spinning the tires while getting pulled out. After looking around at damage and putting diesel in, we went to the tow company to pay. Since the bus was further than they thought, the tow cost more. The final bill for them to pull me out was $790! Way more than a had budgeted for.


With the cost of the damages and the higher than expected tow bill, this really set me back financially. I really don’t like asking for help but I could use it now. If you would like to help get me back on track on on the road again any donations would help. The button above is linked to my PayPal account or you can donate to my Venmo here. I will also be adding any prints you would like to my darkroom printshop. It feels weird asking for help like this. I really appreciate the support during this time. Thank you.