Jeremy Veach grew up in a small town south of Seattle. He is a long haired, mustache rocking, dog loving, adventure seeking 20something year old who really fell in love with photography during his high school years. He has now been a photographer for fourteen years, over the years he has explored many different subjects for his photography. Currently he is focused on travel and commercial photography in which he incorporates his pug Norm. Photography has evolved for Jeremy over the years from a hobby, to a passion. He has an amazing talent for photographing anything from silly selfies of Norm to beautiful landscapes.

Jeremy has taken the leap to full time pursue his passion of photography while traveling the country and pursue full time photography with his family in a converted prison bus named Goldie. He is going to travel to 49 states (Hawaii is hard to drive to) and hopes to meet up with as many as he can along the way. 

Norm and Jeremy are a pair unlike any other, Norm is a 7 year old pug who has a nack for selfies and love for adventure. Jeremy started adding him to his photos years ago, which evolved into the #petselfiez project which really kicked off their photo journey together

Jeremy has been featured on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, Hello Giggles, and many other publications world wide. He works with many amazing brands such as Google, Amazon, Purina and Volvo. 

Jeremy would love to connect with you, if you are interested in talking about a concept for your brand, partnership opportunity or just want to chat about pugs, send him an email to hello@jeremyveach.com